Your Compassion Fatigue Specialist

Compassion fatigue is a significant concern for those in caregiving roles, such as nurses, doctors, first responders, and other healthcare professionals. It occurs due to the constant exposure to stressful and traumatic situations, leading to decreased compassion, empathy, and a sense of fulfillment in their work. Natasha D'Arcangelo specializes in working with those who experience compassion fatigue, trauma, and other symptoms of burnout that stem from caring for others.

As a compassionate and experienced mental health counselor, she offers a range of therapeutic interventions to help individuals build resilience, manage their symptoms, and find renewed purpose and satisfaction in their work. Natasha's approach is grounded in evidence-based practices, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and trauma-focused therapies, to help her clients overcome the debilitating effects of compassion fatigue and other work-related stressors.

  • Clinical Supervision

    I offer culturally responsive, anti-racist supervision to BIPOC clinicians that are pre-licensed and are working on becoming Licensed Mental Health Counselors in Florida. Supervision is $65.00 per one-hour session.

  • Professional Resilience Consultant

    I offer presentations to groups of professional caregivers such as mental health professionals, teachers, nurses, and physicians who want to learn more about compassion fatigue or improve the morale of their teams. As a Certified Forward-Facing Professional Resilience Consultant, I help caregivers understand why they feel burned out using Dr. Eric Gentry's research. Please contact me to receive a quote for services.

  • Professional Consultant

     I offer consultation services to clinicians interested in becoming public speakers who need help breaking into that field. I help clinicians identify what topics they can speak on, create a draft of information they need to have ready and begin developing their topics. The initial consultation is $200.00 for a 60-minute session, and follow-ups (if you decide you would like them) are $150.00 for 60-minute sessions where we can practice your workshop with suggestions for improvement or refine your topic

  • Professional Speaker on Mental Health

    My goal is to destigmatize mental health care by helping communities/organizations understand what happens in therapy, recognize when folks could benefit from treatment, and how to support loved ones struggling. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, I have a wealth of knowledge on mental health topics and can present to your organization on general issues regarding mental health. I also add value and expertise on mental health topics in Podcasts, news stories, and articles. Please contact me to receive a quote for services.

  • Professional Resilence Coach

    Sometimes folks attending the compassion fatigue workshop need more individual support. In that case, I work with professional caregivers feeling burned out and suffering from compassion fatigue to improve their quality of life. As a Certified Forward Facing Professional Resilience Coach, I use the research done by Dr. Eric Gentry over 25 years to help build a healthier you. His Accelerated Recovery Program is a five-session 90-minute model designed to bring relief to suffering caregivers. Those 90-minute sessions are $200.00 each.

  • Methods

    During sessions, I employ trauma-informed, evidence-based practices, focusing on helping clients better understand their nervous systems and threat responses. Additionally, I assist them in developing practical coping skills that clients can use in real-time to manage their threat responses effectively.